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The phenomenon of car spontaneous combustion in winter is different from that in summer. It is mainly caused by oil circuit and electric circuit, as well as other reasons of mechanical failure. At the same time, the weather in winter is relatively dull. In the case of electrostatic ignition, it may also present vehicle spontaneous combustion. How can we prevent the vehicle from spontaneous combustion? Next, let us know what we should do to prevent car spontaneous combustion in winter.
Two Important Causes of Spontaneous Combustion
So since it is spontaneous combustion, the vehicle must be started, the vehicle is spontaneous combustion, the cause is nothing more than the two aspects of the circuit and the oil circuit, in fact, only need to control these two aspects of the problem, can simply solve the occurrence of vehicle spontaneous combustion, but how to prevent spontaneous combustion, and how to check the circuit and oil circuit? Next, I will talk with you.
Many of the incidents of vehicle spontaneous combustion are caused by ignition in engine compartment. Generally, they are caused by the aging of circuit or the breakage of insulation skin. The short circuit between circuits is formed by the failure of connection.
Because the line can not be exposed to the surface of the car body, most of the lines are distributed in the cabin, many drivers neglect to check and maintain it daily.
Just look carefully at the daily maintenance, can prevent the line aging into spontaneous combustion, to thoroughly solve the problem of spontaneous combustion, it is necessary to develop a good habit of regularly checking the cabin lines, if the line surface insulation layer cracks or aging phenomenon should be immediately repaired and replaced at the nearest repair shop.
Oil pipeline is equally important and frightening in the cause of spontaneous combustion, because some oil leakage in engine room has not been found in time, and the temperature in engine room rises sharply in high temperature environment in summer.

Enough to ignite the seepage of oil, forming the risk of spontaneous combustion. Although spontaneous combustion appears more in some old models, but the new car can not be completely out of danger, so any vehicle should not be taken lightly, often check is necessary.
Many car owners will carry out route modification after purchasing a car, such as installing xenon lights, fog lights, reversing radar impression and so on. If it is not necessary, we should try our best to prevent the line modification. Even if there is a real demand for it, we should select the regular store products and go to the qualified shop to carry out the modification operation, so as to prevent the safety hazards left behind.
Perfume, lighters, and so on, which are flammable and explosive in daily life, should be far away from vehicles in summer. In previous cases of spontaneous combustion, there was a spontaneous combustion caused by explosion of articles in the car.
In order to be safe, some dangerous goods should be taken out as soon as possible. If the road is far away, it is suggested to increase the number of rests to alleviate the driver's fatigue, so that the vehicle can also get "breathing time" to cool down, not only the engine can rest for a while, but also other parts of the vehicle can be "repaired".
Do you understand the above information? If you want to know more about the maintenance of Jinan Volkswagen, please continue to pay attention to our website, our website is: http://www.sdjnltqf.com!

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