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In fact, as long as we pay more attention to the maintenance of headlights, we can avoid similar problems.
The headlamp of a car, commonly known as "headlamp", can be said to be equivalent to the eyes of a car because it undertakes the lighting work of driving at night. As the saying goes, "Eye is the window of the soul", we can see its importance. Eye protection we all know to start from the usual, the same as the maintenance of headlights.
"Eye health" first trick: daily maintenance to do a good job.
According to the different principle of luminescence, headlamp can be divided into vacuum lamp, halogen lamp and xenon lamp. Vacuum lamp and halogen lamp are cheap and widely used, but their life is short, usually hundreds of hours. Xenon lamp can be used for 2500 ~ 3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. Of course, no matter what type of light bulb, its basic maintenance knowledge is the same.
As with regular maintenance, headlight bulbs need to be replaced at regular intervals. Generally speaking, every 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years driving, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be weakened. At this time, it is better to test it in 4S shop. If there is a lack of brightness, then we advocate replacing the bulb, recommend replacing the left and right ends together, so as to avoid the situation of different brightness on both sides. It's because I didn't replace the bulb in time after the brightness of the bulb was weakened, which led to a waste of time in the annual inspection.
There is another condition that the brightness of the lamp decreases. Because of the influence of the environment, the lampshade will be aged, and the brightness of the headlamp will be reduced to more than 50%. The dirty and aging of lampshade will also make the lamp dim and make people faint. Therefore, the aging of lampshade should be replaced in time.
"Eye health" second trick: adjust the lights by yourself.

During the annual inspection of vehicles, the orientation of the lamp beam will be checked. Correct beam orientation will make the horizon clearer and driving safer. In fact, when the lamp presents problems, it is not necessary to go to 4S shop to adjust. It is also light and full of fun.
The first step is to choose a dark environment, such as underground parking lot or night, parking the car head against a wall, the car head and the wall as far as possible, about 5, 6 meters apart;
The second step is to turn over the driving lights and cover one headlamp with a thick cloth which is opaque, and adjust each headlamp individually. In order to ensure the orientation of the lamp beam in the normal driving position, it is best not to let the vehicle idle, to find a friend to sit in the driver's seat;
The third step is to mark the lamp with marker or chalk in the light scale center of the wall, and make a marker at the wall corresponding to the orientation of the car logo (the center of the head).
Separately measure the distance between the lights on both sides and the central orientation. The two intervals should be equal. If the phenomenon of outward or inward deviation occurs, we should look at the vehicle operation instructions and use the screwdriver to fine-tune, so that the azimuth of the two lights is symmetrical.
The fourth step is to adjust the height of the beam. The right side lamp should be directed horizontally, while the left side lamp should be raised by about 10 cm, but not too high, so as to avoid the direct light shining into the driver's eyes. On the other hand, the illumination scale of the right side lamp can be shifted to the right to improve the visibility of the right side of the vehicle.
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