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First of all, fear of "dirty"
If fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic oil filters and various types of filters are too dirty, the filtering effect will be worse, too much impurities will enter the cylinder, which will aggravate. Parts wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of disease; if seriously blocked, it will also lead to the vehicle can not work properly.
Radiator fins, air-cooled engine cylinder block and cylinder head fins, radiator fins and other parts are too dirty, which can lead to poor heat dissipation and high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and protect "dirty" parts.
Second, fear of "heat"
Excessive temperature of engine piston may lead to overheating and melting, as well as keeping cylinder; overheating of rubber sealing ring, triangle belt, tire, etc., which is prone to premature aging, functional decline and shorter service life; overheating of coils of starters, generators, regulators and other electrical equipment, which is prone to combustion and discarding; bearing of vehicle should be kept at appropriate temperature. If overheated, the smooth oil will deteriorate rapidly, and eventually the bearings will burn and the vehicle will be damaged.
Third, fear "string"
Various coupling components in diesel engine system, main and follower gears in main reducer of variable speed drive axle, hydraulic operation valve block and stem, valve core and valve sleeve in full hydraulic actuator are grinded in pairs through special processing, and the cooperation is very fine, and used in pairs during service life. It can't be exchanged.

Some cooperative parts, such as piston and cylinder liner, bearing bushing and journal, valve and seat connecting rod large head tile cover and shaft body, etc., can cooperate better through the instantaneous running-in effect. When repairing, we should also pay attention to matching equipment and not "separate doors".
Fourth, fear of "reversal"
When the engine cylinder head gasket is in the equipment, it can not be reversed, otherwise it will lead to premature ablation damage of the cylinder head gasket; some special shape piston rings are not reversed, the equipment should be installed according to the requirements of different models; engine fan blade equipment also has direction. Electric fans are usually divided into two types: exhaust fans and suction fans.
If not reversed, it will lead to poor heat dissipation and engine temperature is too high. For tyres with directional stripes, such as herringbone tyres, the ground markings on the equipment should point people's tips back to ensure maximum driving force. For two tyres installed together, different models have different requirements and no random equipment is available.
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