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  Why do car air conditioners have to be cleaned?
  1. In the operation of automobile air-conditioning, 80% of the tiny dust and bacteria in the air enter the air-conditioning interior through the filter, and then stick to the condensate water and clog on the evaporator, affecting the refrigeration and heat dissipation of the air-conditioning. As the humid environment of evaporator and ventilation duct and the dust on the surface provide a hotbed for the growth of fungi and molds, and produce object decaying odor, these odors will pollute the whole car interior with the opening of air conditioning, and be absorbed into the body, which will lead to "automobile air conditioning disease".
  2. Because the concept of air-conditioning cleaning is still on the net of over-cleaning, but in fact the dirty things and bacteria of air-conditioning are hidden in the cracks of aluminium sheets in evaporator box. They can not be seen hidden in the air-conditioner from the surface. They enter the air of the car continuously through the circulating air flow. In such an environment for a long time, they will feel dizzy, tired, uncomfortable and easy. Influenza, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc., seriously endanger our health.
  How to judge whether the air conditioning system of the car needs cleaning1、空调刚打开时,吹出来的风还未完全制冷或制热时,会闻到一股类似霉变、烟尘的气味。
  1. When the air conditioner is just turned on, the air blowing out has not been completely refrigerated or heated, it will smell a smell similar to mildew, smoke and dust.
  2. When refrigerating or heating, the air from the tuyere is not fresh, accompanied by sour odor or other peculiar odor.
  3. Refrigeration effect decreases and fuel consumption increases. Because the evaporator has not been cleaned up for a long time, there is too much dirt, which affects the dispersion cooling.
  4. When people are in the car, they feel uncomfortable in the nasal cavity, trachea and lungs, or are accompanied by cough and chest tightness.
  5. Vehicles have not been cleaned and maintained for more than one year.
  济南陆通汽修公司本着:诚信第一,质量保证的服务理念!真诚为广大车友服务! 凭借着高质量的产品,精湛的技术,良好的信誉,优质的服务。欢迎广大车主到店参观!诚与国内外商家双赢合作,共同发展,共创辉煌!

  Jinan Lutong Automobile Repair Company in line with: integrity first, quality assurance service concept! Sincerely for the vast number of car friends! With high-quality products, exquisite technology, good reputation, high-quality service. Welcome the owners to visit the shop! Sincerely win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign businessmen, common development, create brilliant!
  我们的优势: 1、强大的技术与完善的质量保证体系使我们的服务能够满足车主的需求。 2、强大的技术力量:本公司的主修均通过国家高级技师考核,并在大众4S店从事大众维修工作10年以上,有丰富的大众车系维修经验,技术可靠,值得信赖! 3、拥有完备的原厂检测设备,为你的爱车提供同4S店一样的检测服务! 4、服务过程完全透明,诊断、维修时车主可全程参与,维修过程中客户有疑问可随时解答,维修在得到车主的认可前提下进行,检测和诊断都不收取任何费用! 5、配件均采用正品配件,保证配件质量。所换配件将全部展示给客户,本公司承诺,对维修项目实行一年或两万公里的保修,欢迎客户监督! 6、相对与4S店,我们运营成本低廉,所以客户能够享受维修工时费三折的优惠,让客户能够节省养车费用。
  Our advantages: 1. Strong technology and perfect quality assurance system enable our services to meet the needs of car owners. 2. Strong technical force: The company's major has passed the national senior technicians'examination, and has been engaged in mass maintenance work in Volkswagen 4S shop for more than 10 years. It has rich experience in the maintenance of Volkswagen car system, reliable technology and trustworthiness. 3. It has complete original testing equipment to provide the same testing service as 4S shop for your car. 4. The service process is completely transparent, and the car is diagnosed and repaired when it is being repaired. The owner can participate in the whole process, customers can answer questions at any time during the maintenance process, the maintenance is carried out under the premise of the owner's approval, and there is no charge for detection and diagnosis.5. All the parts are made of genuine parts to ensure the quality of the parts. All the spare parts will be displayed to customers. The company promises to carry out one-year or 20,000-kilometer maintenance for maintenance projects. Customers are welcome to supervise! 6. Compared with 4S shop, our operation cost is low, so customers can enjoy the discount of maintenance time, so that customers can save the cost of car maintenance.

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